The Other Side Of Pain

Pastor Sean Palmer shared the incredible witness of Dr. Paul Brand, who spent his life treating people afflicted with leprosy, and the story of Jesus’ early gospel encounter with a leper. Sean asked us to consider our relationship to pain; what it’s trying to reveal to us, and the ways it reminds us that we can still feel. In places of pain, we are those called to draw near with presence and touch for all those hurting.

Unity In Diversity

Pastor Chris Seay continues leading a conversation that will unfold through this season on the distinct nature and call of the Church. Considering the prayers of Jesus and the unique teachings of Jeremiah Burroughs, Chris suggests some of the ways we find unity and cooperation within our great diversity, that certain doctrinal differences need not divide us, and that our differences in fact enrich our family.

Don't Go To Church

Pastor Chris is back! Sharing insights gained from his recent sabbatical, Chris begins a conversation that will continue to form over the coming months around the identity of the Church. If the Body of Christ is truly to be God’s primary instrument of hope for the world, it will because we are not passive observers, but are actively rooted and bearing fruit as we seek instead to be the Church.

Peace In The Spiral

Sarah Seabrook shared vulnerably from her own story of battling intense anxiety, and asked us to consider the areas of our lives that may be similarly affected by living in an age of ever-increasing commotion and confusion. When we are reminded of the truth of our identity, as beloved children invited to lay our worries in the care of God, we begin to regain our solid footing.

A Little Bit More

Pastor Sean Palmer offers a convicting challenge, inviting us to wrestle with our relationship to the particular sin of avarice; the attachment to money and things which leaves us with a desire that is never satisfied. When we always want more, we are never content with enough, and hold all the more tightly to what we have in ways that isolate us from community and participation in God’s Kingdom.

The Space Between

Ericka Graham enters the parables of the lost in Luke 15, and invites us to consider the ways that God meets us in the midst of our longings and all that may feel less than whole. We are a people called to return home from our places of isolation, ever back into the kind of communion with one another that offers healing and belonging, and into God’s waiting and ever-present embrace.

Don't Read The Comments

Pastor Sean Palmer asks us to consider what both the Apostle Paul and Taylor Swift might teach us about living in a culture shaped by judgement. Whether the venom of words, or a viper dangling from our hand, part of growing in the confidence and maturity of our journey with God is learning how to… shake it off.

All The Little Children

Pastor Chris Seay looks back upon both the history and present of Ecclesia, and our call as a church family to remain a compassionate and committed presence with the youngest among us as they grow into relationship with Jesus. Chris’ daughter Hanna shares how her experience of growing up here has uniquely shaped her call, and we consider how we engage with each of the Rhythms of Ecclesia for the sake of all of our kids.