Pastor Sean Palmer continues our series considering the Celtic way of evangelism; entering into an important chapter in the life of the early church. Just as the Jews and Gentiles of the time had to learn how to live and worship together, we continue to navigate our own differences, and the expectations and burdens we wrongly place on others seeking a relationship with Jesus.


Acts 15: 1-21, 30-31

Reflection & Practice

  • What self-serving burdens have you perhaps placed on others; the things they need to do or be before they can be “in” the circle of the chosen? Where might you have an opportunity to build bridges where you previously built or defended walls?

  • Most of us have probably spent some time feeling unworthy of God’s love; that we haven’t done and said all the right things. Take the next moments to sit and meditate over Jesus’ declaration that “my yoke is easy, and my burden is light”. Repeat these words to yourself. Spend several minutes. Breathe. Know that you are enough.

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Brokenness Aside

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