Peace In The Spiral

Sarah Seabrook shared vulnerably from her own story of battling intense anxiety, and asked us to consider the areas of our lives that may be similarly affected by living in an age of ever-increasing commotion and confusion. When we are reminded of the truth of our identity, as beloved children invited to lay our worries in the care of God, we begin to regain our solid footing.


Philippians 4: 4-8

When life was not enough, when the man and woman wanted more, they sought wisdom in the garden’s only forbidden tree – the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They thought its fruit would make them like God. But in their grasping and rebellion, in their independence and greed, they instead learned fear, anger, judgement, blame, envy and shame.

—Rachel Held Evans

Us as the church, being plugged into this digital nervous system as a non-anxious presence rooted in Christ.

— Mark Sayers

If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…

— Rudyard Kipling

Shalom – the Hebrew word for peace – does not refer to the absence of chaos, but rather to an overall, deeply entrenched sense of harmony, health, and wholeness in the midst of chaos. In fact, true peace is best detected and measured against the backdrop of commotion and confusion…

…when instability abounds, yet you remain steadfast; when disappointment and confusion are near, yet you’re still capable of walking with Spirit-infused confidence, stability and steadfastness. A peace beyond comprehension”.

— Pricilla Shirer

Reflection & Practice

What places might anxiety be wreaking havoc in your life, family, and other relationships?

What rhythms in your life help to drive anxiety away? Which rhythms exacerbate anxiety’s hold?

Start/end your day with rhythms of awareness and gratitude. Consider participating in this guided Examen exercise. (credit to Brooke Summers-Perry @

Worship Set

I Need Thee Every Hour

Come Thou Fount

Be Thou My Vision

Great Are You Lord

You Speak

Send Out Your Light (Psalm 43)