Palm Sunday: Expect The Unexpected

Pastor Chris Seay begins our Holy Week journey with an invitation to consider how Jesus defied and upended expectation at every turn. Whether through imagery of donkeys and fig trees, or through surprising encounters in the Temple and the home of a leper, Jesus challenges every earthly assumption of power; a new kind of King for a new kind of Kingdom. Join us throughout Holy Week as we continue along the path to our Easter celebration.


Mark 11: 1-26

Mark 14: 1-9

Holy Week

Who will you invite to join us? Engage in Jesus’ story throughout the week; on Maundy Thursday (6pm/8pm Downtown, 6pm Westside), for an expressive liturgy on Good Friday (4pm/8pm Downtown, 6pm Westside), and as we celebrate the Resurrection as a family on Easter Sunday (Sat 5pm/ Sun 7am/9am/11am Downtown, Sat 6pm/ Sun 8am/10am Westside)

If you’d like to serve during our celebrations at the Downtown campus, you can do that HERE

Worship Set

I Need Thee Every Hour

Justice Will Roll Down

Dust We Are And Shall Return

In Feast Or Fallow

Have Mercy On Me

Sweet Comfort