Standing Up, Speaking Out: Part One

Pastor Chris Seay continued our series, The Gospel According To C.S. Lewis; challenging us to combat hatred by making the first step of committing ourselves in significant and tangible actions to care for abused and neglected children in our own community and around the world. If we are to see every child with the eyes of Jesus, as our own, how will we stand defiantly against the darkness for the sake of generations to come?  

The Gospel According To C.S. Lewis: The Road To Humble

Pastor Sean Palmer continued our recent series. In a "show-off" culture where we are prone to project a carefully crafted image of ourselves, prone to believe we are "better than....", how does Jesus lead us instead into the kind of humility which aligns our sight with reality? Are the deep divisions in our culture in part a product of individuals and groups lashing out over the need to feel significant at the expense of the other?