More Than A Conqueror

Guest teacher Jeanne Stevens taught from Paul's letter to the Romans, inviting us to consider the difficult circumstances and battles in our lives in the light of who God has told us he is, and who he tells us that we are. None of us are immune from trial and grief, but all of us are equipped to be more than conquerors with God by our side. 


Romans 8: 31-39

Isaiah 43: 2

Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances. 
-C.S. Lewis

Victim/Victor Graphic


Jeanne spoke about God recycling everything; that nothing in our lives and experience goes to waste. How has that been true in your walk; a difficult season or trauma that has been used to redemptive ends? 

Is there a difficult relationship that you feel can't be changed, or a challenging life circumstance that you feel is impossible to conquer? What might it look like to, as Jeanne said, talk not to God about your circumstance, but talk directly to your circumstance about how God is? 

In what situations or challenges do you find yourself more drawn to being a victim? Alternatively, when have you been a conqueror, living in abundance, discipline, and peace? 

Worship Set (w/ guest Latifah Phillips)

New Doxology

Amazing Grace

Sweet Comfort

We Will Feast

A Mighty Refuge

Sanctus/People Get Ready