The Place Where We Are Right

Pastor Chris Seay invites us on a walking tour of Jerusalem to visit the likely sites of Jesus' death and Resurrection. In this Easter season, we continue to contemplate how God is working to manifest new life in our midst. For information on upcoming trips to the holy land, including a backpackers journey this summer, visit


John 20: 1-9

The Place Where We Are Right - by Yehuda Amichai - (link)

Death is, to be sure, the bitter irrevocable end to both the body and the soul.  It is the wages of sin and the remembrance of it is necessary.  On the other side of death, however, is the Eternal God.  Therefore, not death but life will triumph through the power of God.  We find this life in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we ask for it in this life and the one yet to come.

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Chris spoke about Mary hearing the gardener call her name, then realizing that it was Jesus. Have you heard him call your name? For what are you intently listening during this Easter season?  

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