A Love Letter To Houston

We were overwhelmed and grateful to gather together as a family in the aftermath of the devastating storm that has rocked Houston and our wider region. Pastor Chris Seay shared a message on our love for this city, how we face with hope and resilience the trauma we've endured, and the call of the Church to lead the way as we rebuild and restore.


Acts 4: 32

Genesis 9: 20

Hebrews 13: 5

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary journey.” 
— C.S. Lewis


This season of relief, rebuilding, and restoration has only just started, and the road ahead is long. To maintain our focus and endurance for the weeks and months yet to come, Chris called us to Be Present, to Slow Down, and to Avoid Numbing. How will you find a balance between the vital work of healing our city, and the necessary self-care to remain energized? 

If you or loved ones have needs, or want to help, please visit ecclesiahouston.org/reliefprojects which will be regularly updated throughout this season. 

Worship Set

Prayers Of The People (Liturgy Link)

We Will Feast

It Is Well

Open Up

Beautiful Things

See The Love

May You Find A Light