Children Of Wonder

Our guest and dear brother, Dave Gibbons, joined us to share a word of profound encouragement about our identities as image bearers of God and those called to sacrificial service. From thoughts on freedom, fatherhood, healing, and the Holy Spirit, Dave invites us to embrace the power granted to those in Christ.

Dave serves as the Founding Pastor of Newsong Church in California. 


Genesis 11: 1-9

Genesis 1: 26-28


What are the "trophies" that dominate your personal energy and pursuits? 

When you think about something of the power and perfection of God dwelling within you, do you feel any resistance? In what ways? Will you pray and invite the Spirit to comfort you, and relieve you of any lingering sense of shame or inadequacy? 


My Beloved


10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)

Holy, Holy, Holy

Just As I Am

Sweet Comfort