The Global Rhythms Of Ecclesia

Pastor Chris Seay shares with us about the importance of embodying our six Rhythms of Ecclesia globally. As a church, we believe in being a community in Houston that is real, kind, seeks God, seeks beauty, serves others, and is hospitable. Pastor Chris shares stories with us about the ways Puerto Rican brothers and sisters are living out these Rhythms in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

(iTunes listeners be aware that the sermon is largely video-focused, much of it in Spanish as our friends in Puerto Rico tell their stories. Our liturgy page is the best place to access the full audio/visual content) 

Reflection Questions

We invite you this week to take a few moments out of your day to pray for the country of Puerto Rico and for each of the stories featured this week. Take a moment and pray for each of the pastors and their families, as well as their ongoing Kingdom work in Puerto Rico.

How are these rhythms (Be Real, Be Kind, Be Hospitable, Seek Beauty, Seek God, Serve Others) personally being lived out with intention and regularity in your home, neighborhood, and other circles? 

Will you join and share our Home Runs For Puerto Rico campaign? Make a pledge for every home run hit by Carlos Correa this season, and contribute towards continued recovery efforts led by local church partners on the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. 

Worship Set 

I Shall Not Be Shaken

Jesus Paid It All

Justice Will Roll Down

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

When You Are Not Enough

Be Still My Soul (Psalm 131)