Inigo Montoya And The Folly Of Revenge

Pastor Chris Seay invites us to consider what the Sermon on the Mount and The Princess Bride teach us about the great challenge of loving our enemies. Jesus calls us to end the cycles of anger, violence, and retaliation in the world; laying down vengeance in favor of the kind of forgiveness and blessing that can transform our communities, relationships, and our own hearts.


Matthew 5:38-48

Proverbs 12:16

1 Peter 3:8-9


Reflection and Practice

Pastor Chris challenged us to find an anonymous way to bless someone who has wronged us or we often consider the "other" or "enemy." Perhaps it is an anonymous gift card, or pizza, or kind note. Challenge yourself to find something good in the other, no matter how hard it is. In this, you are inviting yourself, even in the smallest way, to break the cycle of violence in which we are so often complicit.

In the same spirit, we are invited this week into a meditation of forgiveness. We invite you this to take a few minutes, inviting the Spirit to shed light into your places of darkness. Then, for the next few minutes, invite Love into each of those places. Extend yourself grace in this exercise and only do so much as you are able at a given time. Ask God for the strength to forgive and break the cycles of contempt; those directed both outward toward others, and those inward directed toward ourselves. 

Worship Set 

Here Is Our King

All The Poor And Powerless

It Is Well

Come As You Are

Wood And Nails

Jesus Cares For Me