Remaking Reality

Pastor Sean Palmer continues our engagement with the story of Nehemiah; asking us to consider our goals for the "new year", WHY we make resolutions, and what we can expect as we seek to faithfully follow God's will in the months to come. 


Nehemiah 2 & 3

They (goals) make us feel good.They literally do. As neuroscientists learn more and more about the emotional circuits of the brain, they are discovering that one of our most basic emotional reactions is happiness through pursuit. Being actively engaged in the pursuit of a goal activates the brain’s pleasure centers, independent of the outcome. It seems that we derive more pleasure from chasing our dreams than from achieving them. 

- Theo Tsaousides

They're (goals) a way to quantify what we wish for ourselves. They are a means to cataloguing our personal dissatisfactions. And, perhaps most importantly, they are a method of erasing errors of the past year. 

- Richard Wiseman

Worship Set 

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Jesus Paid It All


Jesus The King

Sweet Comfort

My Sweet Lord