Stay On The Wall

Pastor Chris Seay continued our series in Nehemiah; considering his story of faithfulness, focus, and leadership in the face of discouragement and conflict. God is calling us to vital and transformative work, individually and collectively, and we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from that command. 


Nehemiah 4: 2-6, 10, 22-23

Nehemiah 5: 9-12

Nehemiah 6: 2-3

Reflection Questions

Chris challenged us to consider Nehemiah's response to those attempting to call him from his God-given charge: "I am in the middle of a great work and cannot be interrupted. I am not coming down.." 

What is the "wall" upon which God is calling you to focus this year as an individual? What distractions and interruptions do you anticipate, and how do you plan to stay dedicated to the task? To whom will you look for support, encourage, and accountability? 

Worship Set 

I Need Thee Every Hour

All Creatures Of Our God And King


Great Are You Lord

Let This Heart Not Wander

Sins Are Stones