Advent Four: We Live In Herod's World

Pastor Chris Seay prepared us for the final week of Advent with a message on the kingdoms vying for our hearts; those consumed with wealth, power, and influence, and that of our true King. Living in a world of "Herods", are we prepared to pledge full allegiance to Christ, knowing that he comes to upend a great deal in our hearts and lives?   


Matthew 2

Luke 13: 31-33

Luke 23: 6-12

He's dangerous! Keep Him in the Crib or Put Him on a Cross. If He came back, would he overturn tables in the churches?
—Randall O'Brien


Chris asked us to consider the multifaceted nature of the Herods in our world. Do we know that they seek our destruction? Can we name them as they are? What needs to change in our rhythms to ignore the distractions they present? Can you name the fears that stand in the way of joyful submission to the true kingdom; that keep you from offering the best of your time, talents, and resources? 

How is God calling you to join our community in offering our very best gifts to Jesus in this season. Please take time this week, as we look forward to gathering together on Christmas Eve, to thoughtfully, prayerfully consider how you are prepared to meet our infant savior. What gifts will you lay at his feet? 

Worship Set (w/ The African Children's Choir)

Amazing Grace

This Little Light Of Mine


Magnificat (Mary's Song)


Come Light Our Hearts

May The Lord Bless You And Keep You (Children's Choir Benediction)