Being Present In Our Pain

This week, Pastor Chris Seay shares with us the opportunity to be present in our pain. He shares 4 simple things to do during this season of lament in our city as we recover and heal. Will you lean in together with our community? Join us this week as we pray the Prayer of Dependence 500 times a day.


Philippians 3:12-16

Psalm 88

Ephesians 4:20-32

Prayer of Dependence: I need You, Lord. Lord, I need You.


Will you lean in together with each others pain? As we lean in, it is time to do the next thing on the list. The first thing on our list was to help everyone clean out their homes; now it’s onto the next thing: partnering with our neighbors to show them that they are loved and not alone

We do not know what others have been through. Will you work through and work with the grace we have been given as we lean in to help others? What are some of the present toxics in our lives? As we identify those toxics, Pastor Chris invites us to throw them out.  

We all need fresh air the way many of our homes needed fresh air. Join us as we remind ourselves our dependence on God by praying the Prayer of Dependence 500 times a day. 

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Worship Set

Before The Throne Of God Above


In Christ Alone

Great Are You Lord

Come And Listen

Come Light Our Hearts