Healing Of The Nations

This weekend, Teaching Pastor Sean Palmer shared an important message on the purpose of the Church; exploring the nature of division throughout God's story in scripture, and the call of God's people into the ministry of reconciliation.  


Genesis 4:2

Judges 12:5-6

Luke 4:24-29

Luke 10:36-37

John 8:48-49

Matthew 21:13

2 Corinthians 5:16


The Church is uniquely called to be the place in which no one is left out. In what ways have you, through your thoughts, words, or actions, defined individuals or groups as "those" people on the outside?

Looking back upon Luke 10; who is the neighbor you've chosen to neglect, and what opportunities might you have to be "the good" Samaritan? 

Worship Set

He Set Me Free

How Great Thou Art

Nothing But The Blood

How He Loves

Trinity Song

Sins Are Stones