Lent: Stillness

Join us as we continue engaging in rhythms of worship, prayer, and contemplation throughout this journey of Lent. As we begin to see Easter on the horizon, we consider the stillness of the desert, and are reminded that God’s love and provision is never dependent on our striving and activity. We are loved, you are loved, just as you are.

“Wild Geese” 
Poem by Mary Oliver 
Narrated by Jessi Johnson 

Liturgy & Readings Written by 
Mike Yager 
Sean Palmer 

Narrated by 
Sarah Seabrook 
Mike Yager 
Kelli Herbert 
Stephen Brown 
Sean Palmer 

“Slow Me Down” 
Music & Lyrics by Robbie Seay 
Arranged by Brian Mann & Matt Broaddus 
Vocals by Courtney Hooper & Paul Pelc 
Brian Mann, Piano 

Music Score 
Brian Mann 
Adam London 

Voiceover Engineering 
Eric Walley 
Edward Sanchez 

Produced by 
Brian Mann