You Can't Take It With You

Pastor Chris Seay teaches from the Gospel of Luke; considering Jesus’ call for us to rid our lives of greed and anxiety and to be ready to respond at all times. He also shares heartbreaking stories from the ground along the Venezuelan border, and the opportunity that we have to join in areas of extreme need during this ongoing crisis. Gather with us over the coming weeks to hear more about how you can take part.


Luke 12: 13-38

Matthew 11: 28-30

Reflection & Practice

Please join us in prayer for Venezuela through the week, and plan to gather with us at either campus this coming weekend (April 6th & 7th) to hear more about how we believe that we are called into a significant response in the coming season. Who will you be inviting?

Worship Set

I Shall Not Be Shaken

All The Poor And Powerless

It Is Well

Holy, Holy, Holy

Brokenness Aside

I Wait