Being IN Love

Ericka Graham invites us to consider the active rhythms of God’s love. The God who made us knows us intimately. The God who came down to be with us empathizes with our limps and burdens. The God who loves all is expansive and inclusive in gathering His people together. How will we live out these same rhythms as instruments of this cycle of love in ways that will transform countless lives and relationships?


Psalm 139: 1-6

1 Corinthians 12: 12-20

“I can disagree with your opinion, it turns out, but I can’t disagree with your experience. And once I have a sense of your experience, you and I are in relationship, acknowledging the complexity in each other’s position, listening less guardedly. The difference in our opinions will probably remain intact, but it no longer defines what is possible between us.”

— Krista Tippett

Reflection & Practice

Whose “boot” have you been blind to, and how might it have led you to leap to judgement rather than empathy?

Ericka challenged us to consider, in living out the ways she suggested that God’s love is active, what rhythms we will commit to in 2019. Will you focus on knowing more about a people or group about whom you have made assumptions or kept at a distance, will you seek greater empathy and sit in the pain of others rather than settling for sympathetic platitudes, or will you expand & include by seeking out those marginalized, that they would know beyond a doubt that they are an equal and beloved part of the body of Christ?

Worship Set

Tis So Sweet

All The Poor And Powerless

In Christ Alone

Great Are You Lord

Wood And Nails

Come Ye Sinners