Easter Sunday: Our Silent Sisters

Pastor Chris Seay offers an Easter message from Magdala on the Sea of Galilee about the vital roles of women in the Resurrection narrative. What do the experiences of Mary the Mother, Salome, and Mary Magdalene have to teach us about strength in trauma, the support offered by women in our own lives, and our call to pass on our stories of faith? We're also joined by writer/speaker Amena Brown, who shares a story of an important woman in her life, and the profound gift of her spoken word poetry. 


Mark 16: 1-8

Acts 10: 34-43

Of all the Easter gospels, Mark’s story invites us to stand where those first trembling witnesses stood. Those three women didn’t see Jesus. Neither do we. They didn’t hear Jesus call their names. Neither have we. They weren’t invited to touch his wounded hands. We haven’t touched Jesus’ hands either. Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome are our silent sisters. The narrative is left for us, the readers, to complete.

-Barbara K. Lundblad

Reflection Questions

Who are the women (perhaps those who have been largely forgotten or gone unacknowledged) that have impacted the direction of your life and calling in significant ways? How might you be able to extend words or a gesture of gratitude and regard? 

As with those who stood witness to Jesus following the Resurrection, our call is to share what we have seen and experienced. With whom is God pressing you to share your story, and the places that you've felt, seen, and heard God most powerfully? 

Worship Set 

I Saw The Light

Faith's Review & Expectation

I'll Fly Away

Jesus Paid It All

Great Are You Lord

Great Rejoicing

I Wait

Jesus, Lead Me To Your Healing Waters