Exodus For All: Impact & Impression

Pastor Sean Palmer continues our Lenten series as we begin our walk through Holy Week, teaching about the ways we've allowed the world to twist our definition of success. Like Moses, we are consumed with comparison and how we're viewed by others; more concerned about seeming impressive than we are with simply being faithful to what God has placed before us. 


Numbers 20:3-12

"We want people to pay attention to us, to recognize us, to give us our due. This is how our identities, worth and significance are grounded. We want to be relevant, spectacular or powerful. So we go through life fishing for such things, a grasping that keeps knocking us off center, spiritually speaking."

- Henri Nouwen

Reflection Questions

In Numbers 20, Moses disobeys God by striking a rock rather than speaking to a rock to cause water to rush from it in order to provide for his people:

In what ways is your life designed to make an impression on people rather than being faithful to God's call upon your life? If you have a social media presence, how accurate is it to your true character, and in what ways is it an idealized projection?

Often we interpret success as the result of faithfulness, but Moses was disobedient. Still, God provided water. Can you name times when water came in spite of your lack of faith? What "rocks" that you have struck or are striking are actually an invitation into repentance? 

Why does success and people’s opinion of us matter so much culturally? In what ways specifically it is of deep importance to you how you are seen and perceived

Worship Set 

Hail To The Lord's Anointed

Justice Will Roll Down


Great Is Thy Faithfulness

See The Love

Come Ye Sinners