Our thanks to guest preacher Judy West for leading us this weekend in our continuing journey through the sacred season of Advent. As we consider what it means for us to be a people who give more, we are reminded that the gift of God’s incarnation was, and is, intentional, sacrificial, and personal.

Judy is a Pastor at The Crossing in St. Louis, Missouri. We extend our gratitude to her and a community with whom we have partnered for over a decade. We love you all!


Matthew 6: 9-13

Romans 12: 2

2 Corinthians 9:15

Romans 8: 31-32

Isaiah 9: 6

John 1: 1-3

John 1: 14

John 3: 16-17

Reflection & Practice

As you consider the Advent Conspiracy tenet of give more, how might you be called in this season to consider gifts of your time and presence to your loved ones? It can be intimidating, but as Judy suggested - perhaps start with one person. This kind of relational giving has the potential to transform both the recipient and the giver.

Worship Set

Justice Will Roll Down

Great Rejoicing

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

God With Us

O Come, Divine Messiah (Everything Will Change)

May You Find A Light