Advent - Week Two: Enough

As this sacred season of Advent continues, we invite you to pause and join us in rhythms of reflection on the coming of our Savior. Over the coming weeks, we will consider our renewed call to be radically changed by the arrival of Jesus into the world. As we seek to spend less, may we embrace the identity of a people of abundance, and not scarcity. We pray that this collection of music, prayer, and meditation would be a blessing and encouragement to you this week.

Liturgy & Meditation Written by
Mike Yager
Eric Walley

Narrated by
Emily Ries
Paul Randall
Krisly Philip
Mike Yager

Original Score
Paul Pelc
Brian Mann
The Seasons


Aimee Norris

Music Engineering & Mixing
Ty Robins, Wire Road Studios

Voiceover Engineering
Eric Walley

Produced by
Brian Mann