The Gospel According to C.S. Lewis: Children are the Most Important Work

Pastor Chris continues our series drawing from Scripture as well as the unique insight of theologian C.S. Lewis to consider how we're called to care for children, and our collective responsibility and privilege to raise and encourage them in their growing faith. 


Ephesians 6:1-4

Matthew 18:2-6

Psalm 127:3

Matthew 19:14

Mark 10:14

Genesis 33:5

Genesis 48:9

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.

—CS Lewis

Old people can be quite as shy with young people as young people can be with old. This explains what must seem to you the idiotic way in which so many grown-ups talk to you. 

—CS Lewis

Remember that there are only three kinds of things anyone need ever do. (1) Things we ought to do (2) Things we’ve got to do (3) Things we like doing. I say this because some people seem to spend so much of their time doing things for none of the three reasons, things like reading books they don’t like because other people read them. 

—CS Lewis

Aslan is the Turkish for Lion. I pronounce it Ass-lan myself. 

—CS Lewis


We think that caring for the children of Ecclesia is a beautiful responsibility that we all share, and we'd love to invite you to make it part of your rhythms (even one service a month is a huge help) to serve alongside our Family Ministry team to cultivate a space of love and grace for our young brothers and sisters. Visit ECCLESIAHOUSTON.ORG/KIDS to sign up.

Chris also said that our responsibility to love kids extends beyond merely "our" kids. How will you love kids across our city, and around the world? Continued support of Living Water International would be a great place to start, or perhaps partnering with Project 88 as they seek to fund college counselors for underserved HISD schools. 

Here are a number of other ways you can serve kids in Houston through during/after-school mentorship and tutoring, reading, or participating in neighborhood revitalization. Start somewhere. SERVING KIDS IN HOUSTON (LINK)

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