The World is Not Worthy of Them: Christian Identity

Pastor Chris continued our series, about "living lives of courageous faith" and our call and identity as Houston's Holistic Missional Christian Community. Chris taught on our unique Christian identity and reminded us that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is good news for everyone. In light of that good news we are called to live authentically and seek out those who often feel excluded.


John 14:5-7

Matthew 11:1-20

Young people think of Evangelicals and Born-Again Christians as hypocritical, judgmental, overly political, and exclusive.

—unChristian (summarized)


Are you willing to play a supporting role in God's story of redemption? 

In what ways can you practice authenticity and seek those who feel excluded?

Worship Set 

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Let Our Faith Be Not Alone

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Because He Lives

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