Hymns: Just As I Am

Pastor Chris returned to our series exploring the backgrounds of classic hymns, offering the story behind "Just As I Am" by Charlotte Elliott. As we humbly submit the fullness of our lives before God, just as we are, we're reminded that God's heart is for all people, that no one is left out, and that He has made us to carry out the work of Christ in the midst of our brokenness. 


John 6: 30-40

Isaiah 1: 15-19

Psalm 150: 1-6

Matthew 11: 28-30


A vital rhythm of our community is authenticity. In what circumstances do you find yourself "putting on" something in the hope of being perceived in the eyes of others as more ________ , better at _________, etc..? How might you carry the words of Just As I Am with you this week, and how might they begin to change the ways you view yourself as less than

God's heart is for ALL, that "nothing and no one may perish". Yet, there is a temptation in Christian culture to join into voices of fear that are rampant in modern media (of all kinds and leanings) with regard to who is dangerous and should be left out? Where have we joined into those voices of judgement, and how can we begin to reconcile the prejudices of our own hearts in ways that extend love and grace to all? 


Doxology / He Set Me Free

We Will Feast

God With Us

How Deep The Father's Love For Us

Just As I Am

Go Outside (Psalm 150)