Our guest teacher, Paul Unsworth from Kahaila in London, invited us to consider our preparation to enter the promised land as a people consecrated before God. As we ask God in faith for the extraordinary that only he can orchestrate, and as we learn to reach out in humility to invite the help of unbelievers, we begin to see the greater fullness of his story at work in his people, and all around us. 


Joshua 3: 1-7


We confess that we are a people who are often "too busy" to simply BE with God. What will you do this week to intentionally make time to "consecrate yourself before God," that you might see and hear his direction?

Consider your current sense of circumstance and calling. In what ways have you prayed for your unique journey with Christ recently? What would a "supersized" version of that prayer look like? 


Come Thou Fount

Psalm 134 (Bless the Lord)

In Christ Alone

Jesus Paid It All

I Stand Amazed

White as Snow