Hymns: All Creatures

Pastor Chris invites us to consider the whole of God's creation, singing out in praise; that in all that we eat and drink, and as we experience the wonders of the world and creatures he made, we would be ever reminded of his divine and majestic artistry and continually submit to him in awe and gratitude, caring well for the gifts with which he's entrusted us. 


Psalm 96: 1-6

Psalm 148

Psalm 24: 1-2

Mark 12: 1-9


What sensory experiences; sounds, tastes, smell, have offered you connection with the divine this week? What similar experiences in your life have brought you closest to God? 

Throughout this summer, how will you plan to spend time outside in worship, intentionally seeing and hearing God's symphony? How will you rest in nature? How will you center yourself in gratitude, particularly for the miraculous and abundant blessing of clean water? 


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