Free: "The Good News About God's Wrath"

Pastor Chris continues an important series, teaching on the difficult subject of divine wrath. God is actively working to eradicate sin and evil in the world. His "clean anger", his wrath, are evidence of his love; a love so perfect that he took the weight of eternal judgement upon himself. 


John 3:14-21

Matthew 18:6

Jude 1:17-23

Mark 10:38-39

Matthew 26:39

Isaiah 54:6-10



Pastor Chris compared God's campaign against sin to chemotherapy; a targeted treatment seeking to eradicate the "cancer" of the sin that has become entwined with our lives. Where are you in need of this "treatment", and how have your personal battles with sin affected your responsibilities and relationships? 

God leads us toward differentiating the sin from the sinner. Is there someone in your life with whom you've lacked compassion and grace because of something they've done? What might forgiveness and healing look like in that situation? 



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Justice Will Roll Down

All My Tears (Be Washed Away)

All Creatures of Our God and King

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Send Out Your Light (Psalm 43)