Politics of Jesus: Part One

Jack Wisdom opened a discussion that will unfold over the next three weeks on how we, as the Body of Christ, are called to engage in a deeply broken political climate as a loving reflection of our Savior. Jesus continually and radically upended earthly expectations of power in ways that cannot be politicized or de-politicized, or claimed by either conservative or progressive ideology. 


Matthew 16:13-23

Luke 22:24-29

John 18:36

God’s true purpose was the creation of a new society, unidentifiable with any of the local, national, or ethnic solidarities of any time. This new body, the church, as aftertaste of God’s loving triumph on the cross and foretaste of His ultimate loving triumph in His kingdom, has a task within history. History is the framework in which the church evangelizes, so that the true meaning of history is the fact that God has chosen to use it for such a scaffolding service.

— John Howard Yoder

Myth of progress = a utopian dream that is a parody of the Christian vision.

— NT Wright


In what ways have your political ideologies become idolatrous? Think of a person with whom you disagree politically. Consider inviting them to share a meal, with the sole intent of listening in humility. 

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