The Heart of A King

Pastor Chris Seay explores the unique faith of King David, and how his life modeled many aspects of living with a transformed heart. When our hearts change, we live with an greater awareness of God's presence in our every moment, worship with joy and abandon, freely extend radical generosity, and cultivate deeper and unexpected friendships. 


Psalm 51: 5

Psalm 139

1 Samuel 16: 7-11

Psalm 21: 6

Psalm 16: 11

1 Samuel 30: 21-25

Psalm 18: 28-29

2 Samuel 6: 15-20

New York Times Article - David’s Ankles: How Imperfections Could Bring Down the World’s Most Perfect Statue


What will you do throughout this week to remind yourself that whether you're at work or home, in traffic or in the shower, in joy or in sorrow, that God is fully present with you? 

Chris challenged us to extend worship in creativity. Consider taking a moment to put a "song" of praise to paper; a prayer offering to the goodness and glory of God. 

Chris suggested that one way you might live with greater consistency in faith is adjusting how you extend a portion of your resources to partner with God's work in and through the church. Consider automating your giving, which helps us greater budget and plan for the ways we're called to participate in God's mission in Houston and around the world.

David and Jonathan had a close, but unexpected, bond of friendship. What friendship in your life might God be calling you to focus upon with greater energy and selflessness? 

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