The Good News About Hell

Pastor Chris Seay concludes our series on Heaven and Hell with a discussion about choices we make; to submit ourselves to His better plan, or reject our rightful identity as His image bearers. 


Luke 16:19-31

A Video on Hell by N.T. Wright

A god without wrath bought men without sin into a kingdom without judgement through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross.”

— H. Richard Niebuhr

I never met a single person who had a lively faith in heaven without a similar belief in hell. The height of the mountain is measured by the depth of the valley, the greatness of salvation by the awfulness of the thing we're saved from

— CS Lewis 

My thesis is that the practice of non-violence requires a belief in divine vengeance…My thesis will be unpopular with man in the West…But imagine speaking to people (as I have) whose cities and villages have been first plundered, then burned, and leveled to the ground, whose daughters and sisters have been raped, whose fathers and brothers have had their throats slit…Your point to them–we should not retaliate? Why not? I say–the only means of prohibiting violence by us is to insist that violence is only legitimate when it comes from God…Violence thrives today, secretly nourished by the belief that God refuses to take the sword…It takes the quiet of a suburb for the birth of the thesis that human nonviolence is a result of a God who refuses to judge. In a scorched land–soaked in the blood of the innocent, the idea will invariably die, like other pleasant captivities of the liberal mind…if God were NOT angry at injustice and deception and did NOT make a final end of violence, that God would not be worthy of our worship.

— Miroslav Volf

Hell is God's granting of our final wish to be left alone.

— George MacDonald


How has a clearer understanding of Hell impacted your daily life?

How has this understanding impacted your perspective of God?

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