Live in the Light

Pastor Chris Seay continues our Advent teaching with a call to live in the light as followers of the coming King. We are joined by musical guests the African’s Children Choir, our friends and water partners in Uganda. To support water projects with the African’s Children Choir visit 

For additional information on the African’s Children Choir, visit them online at


John 1:1-13

Luke 1: 68-79

John 8:12

1 John 2:7-11

Matthew 5:14-16

Sometimes we can make a movie look a lot better than it actually is and perhaps seduce or trick viewers into seeing a film they may not have seen were it not for the clever construction of our trailer. In a way, it's about what you leave out, not what you put in. You can introduce people to the vibe of the movie, you find some cool music, you get some interesting dialogue and you don't try to over-sell it.

— John Long


He’s Got the Whole World

Mary’s Boy Child

This Little Light of Mine


Mary’s Song

Baby Boy

All The Poor and Powerless

May The Lord Bless And Keep You