Advent in a World of Scarcity

Pastor Chris Seay begins the season of Advent with an invitation to a life of generosity and peace amidst a world of scarcity.

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Luke 3:2-15
Isaiah 2:3-4
Isaiah 11:1-4

It’s Advent, and you’re about to hear the most difficult, demanding bad news that ever was called good. You’re about to have your foundations shaken, tables overturned, stuff set on fire, demons put to rout, and the dead raised. I present to you, the most offensive speaker ever, so provocative that the government tortured him to death in a futile attempt to shut him up. But you can’t. He’s going to say things to you that will rock your world. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you your only hope, your salvation. Now, here’s Jesus!

                    — Will Willimon


Worship Set

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

O Come, O Come Emmanuel    

In Christ Alone

Holy Holy Holy    

Mary's Song    

Jesus Jesus How I Love You