Seen and Seeing

Pastor Sean Palmer invites us to continue our Lenten journey through the desert; sharing the story of Hagar and asking us to consider that, wherever we might find ourselves in the wilderness, God sees and is with us at every step.


Genesis 16: 2-7

Genesis 19: 9-10, 13

Genesis 21: 8-10, 14-21

Reflection & Practice

Have you taken time to consider how God is shaping you in the season of Lent? There is something for which you are being prepared. Spend some active time this week in the “wilderness” of that thought. Ask God to challenge you in some way, and be ready to respond.

Worship Set

Oh, Dreamer

Establish The Work Of Our Hands

We Labor Unto Glory

Rock Of Ages

Fast From, Feast On

Lay It All Down