Learning to Love Ourselves

As we continue our series on Love, we welcome guest speaker Michael Rudzena, from Trinity Grace Tribeca. Pastor Michael leads us in examining the importance of learning to love ourselves if we are to love others well. If we are going to love ourselves, we have to learn to know, accept, and feel ourselves. How can we listen to others if we cannot listen to ourselves?


Matthew 22:34-40

“Selfishness and self-love, far from being identical, are actually opposites. The selfish person does not love himself too much but too little; in fact he hates himself.” — Erich Fromm

“When we stay caught up in the passions, the territory we travel through stays the same, repeating endless variations of the same scenery, while the soundtrack just keeps replaying the same old song. As we become skilled in traveling our inner landscape, the virtues themselves are informing our soul.” - Sandra Maitri

Reflection & Practice

In this week’s message, we identified antonyms of love: hate, selfishishness, impatience, etc. If we are to learn to love ourselves, reflect and identify ways you have not been loving yourself.

Pastor Michael mentioned that our assumptions of reality are not always the reality. What are some assumptions we have about ourselves that may not be at the core of who we really are? With this in mind, remember: how can we listen to others if we cannot listen to ourselves?

As we learn to accept ourselves, what are things we struggle to accept? Write them down and surrender them to God. May you be blessed by His Spirit to guide you through the journey to love yourself.

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