The Importance of Community

This weekend in our gatherings, teaching pastor Sean Palmer reminded us of the importance of community and how we are not meant to follow Jesus in solitude. Our invitation is to know others and be known by them, allowing the depth of our relationship, service, and hospitality to grow. May we all accept this invitation to greater communion with one another.


Luke 17:1
Ecclesiastes 4:9
Ecclesiastes 4:10

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Reflection & Practice

1. In a cultural climate that is both hyper-connected and individualistic, how does this call to intentional community challenge your daily habits?

2. For their to be no need among us as a community, what spiritual and emotional reflexes need to change in your own life so that you can more significantly contribute to the life of the community?

3. In order to more deeply participate in the life of the larger community, one needs to have “their people” in small group community. What about your life can be prioritized to make room for this type of belonging


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