It Already Is

Our deep gratitude to Josh Carney, who shared a number of stories from his family life and taught through the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. In Christ, we are recipients of extravagant, cosmic forgiveness. Can we truly receive that love and mercy as a gift, and will it transform our own capacity to forgive others? 

Josh serves as the Lead Pastor of UBC in Waco, TX


Matthew 18: 21-35

Matthew 6: 15

Reflection & Practice

Josh shared the hilarious tale of his family's forgiven iTunes debt. Have you ever been the recipient of radical forgiveness; the removal of a literal or relational debt that you may not have felt you deserved? Have you been the one to forgive in that way? What were these experiences like? 

What resentments or harms are you holding onto? What personal shame might you think is beyond the reach of God's forgiveness? Josh likened it to the rhythm of breath; our need to exhale to release. Consider a rhythm of confession at the end of your day. Ask yourself where you cut corners, where you were inconsiderate or spiteful towards others, where you were bitter, callous, envious, or prideful. Name them; and then ask for forgiveness while observing a practice of breath. Free yourself of the burden, and begin the next day anew. 


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