Exceedingly Good

Pastor Sean Palmer returned to our ongoing series in the Exodus. He invites us to consider the excuses we make and the ways we settle for just "good enough", when God is calling us to more; the true promised land that can only be entered when we're willing to commit through the inevitable hardships along the way. 


Numbers 13: 1-3, 17-20, 25-32

Numbers 14: 1-9

Reflection Questions

Sean suggested that most of us fail to make true commitments, rather than merely "making decisions to try until things get hard." Think back on your past several months. Where have you quit? What circumstances or goals have brought you to a point of resignation? Might it be time to re-engage, and to persevere through hardship?

What is the "exceedingly good" that God has for you? In what ways have you settled for less simply because it was easier to do so?

Worship Set 

Before The Throne Of God Above

All The Poor And Powerless

It Is Well

Gravity Of Love

Come To Me

May You Find A Light