Exodus For All: Runaway Slaves

This week, Pastor Sean Palmer continued our Lenten series in the story of the Exodus. Like the Israelites in this story, we find ourselves enslaved to lies and habits versus being uncomfortable. From scriptures, we find rejoicing in the news that Jesus gives us the option towards freedom versus slavery.


“…there’s that odd habit we sometimes have of lying to ourselves. Lying to oneself may explain why so many people say they are above average. How big is this problem? More than 40% of one company’s engineers said they are in the top 5%. More than 90% of college professors say they do above-average work. One-quarter of high school seniors think they are in the top 1% in their ability to get along with other people. If you are deluding yourself, you can’t be honest….” - Seth Stephens‑Davidowitz, Everybody Lies: How Google Search Reveals Our Darkest Secret

John 8:31-33

John 8:34

Exodus 14: 5b-8

Exodus 14:10-12

Proverbs 26:11

Reflection Questions

In this week's message, Sean identifies that because we have a lifetime where we learn to lie, we begin to lie to ourselves ABOUT ourselves. What are some lies you have convinced yourself of? Take this time to meditate on reimagining your future; ask God where it is He is leading you this season.

A few things we often find ourselves being slaves to are materialism, alcohol, relationships, career goals and approval of others, what are some things in your life that hold power over you? We encourage you this week to remind yourself that Jesus gives us the option for freedom as found in John 8:31-32.

Worship Set 

My Beloved

How Great Thou Art

Nothing But the Blood

Jesus Is King

Sing to Jesus

Oh To Be Loved