Exodus For All: Stockholm Syndrome

Pastor Chris Seay begins a conversation that we pray will guide us through the upcoming season of Lent. How might the weeks ahead be for us an exodus from the pharaohs that have taken hold of our hearts and lives?


1 Corinthians 10: 1-4

Hebrews 11: 29

Reflection Questions

As we prepare for Ash Wednesday, and our Lenten journey together, we're all called to take an honest look at our own pharaohs, and the power they have over us. It may be food, alcohol, or substance. It may be, as our brother Josue shared, the perceptions and opinions of others. It may be our work, or money. Whatever the case, these weeks are an invitation into new rhythms of simplicity and sacrifice in the hope of liberation. What is God calling you to give up for these 40 days (or longer), or what specific daily practices is God inviting you to take on? 

Worship Set 

I'll Fly Away

We Will Feast

In Christ Alone

God With Us

When You Are Not Enough

House Of God Forever