The Anointed Ones

Pastor Josh Hilburn opens the scripture in Acts to explore Jesus' sending of his followers; a people chosen and called to continue his ministry. The Resurrection means that we as the Church, the ecclesia, the "called out ones", are no longer spectators or guests, but instead hosts of the continuing celebration, performing signs and wonders in community, pointing toward Heaven, and orienting our whole lives toward participation with God's renewing work in our world. 


Acts 5: 12-15

Isaiah 61: 1-3



Where have we held back our time, our treasure, our talents from service to God's work in and through the Church? How might that change? 

Are we content to be a guest, or will we embrace the call to "host the party", to seek the good, wherever God has uniquely called us to live, work, and serve? 

Challenge yourself to be aware of, and to call out Heaven as you see it this week; the signs and wonders in our midst.