Advent Conspiracy: Love All

Pastor Chris brought us his message this week from Peru, introducing us to a community that has seen death and disease due to contaminated water, and the blessed transformation that has come from our opportunity to participate in God's work to provide a clean water source and a renewal of hope. Through work in this community, and in so many around the world over the past ten years, we're reminded constantly that we are one global family under the reign of Christ, called to love all in Jesus' name. 


Isaiah 53: 1-5

Luke 1: 67-79


We often speak of needing God's rest, hope, and peace in general and clichéd terms. In light of the incarnation, God revealed uniquely and specifically to meet us at a certain time and place, where are the specific places that you long for his presence and transformation in your heart? 

As we approach our Christmas celebration, how will you be called to engage, specifically, sharing the resources with which you've been blessed with those in need around the world? We'll continue taking gifts toward our Advent Conspiracy offering through each of our Candlelight Gatherings this week (Fri 12/23 @ 5pm, Sat 12/24 @ 3/5/7pm). To give online, click here

Worship Set (featuring special guests The African Children's Choir)

Can Dance / Ntendereza


Faith's Review & Expectation (Amazing Grace)

This Little Light Of Mine


Mary's Song

All The Poor And Powerless

O Day Of Peace

May The Lord Bless And Keep You (Choir Benediction)