Hymns: John Newton Encounters Gods Amazing Grace

Pastor Chris explores the life of John Newton, the writer of the Hymn, Amazing Grace, and invites us to explore this amazing grace that is for everyone.


Matthew 2:7-12    

1 Timothy 1:12-17

By the same principle of faith, a believer's conduct is regulated towards his fellow-creatures; and in the discharge of the several duties and relations of life, his great aim is to please God, and to let his light shine in the world. He believes and feels his own weakness and unworthiness, and lives upon the grace and pardoning love of his Lord. This gives him a habitual tenderness and gentleness of spirit.

— John Newton

A company of travellers fall into a pit: one of them gets a passenger to draw him out. Now he should not be angry with the rest for falling in; nor because they are not yet out, as he is. He did not pull himself out: instead, therefore, of reproaching them, he should shew them pity... A man, truly illuminated, will no more despise others, then Bartimeus, after his own eyes were opened, would take a stick, and beat every blind man he met

— John Newton

Suppose a man was going to New York to take possession of a large estate, and his carriage should break down a mile before he got to the city, which obliged him to walk the rest of the way; what a fool we should think him, if we saw him ringing his hands, and blubbering out all the remaining mile, “My carriage is broken! My carriage is broken!”

— John Newton

Clerk, Once an Infidel and Libertine, A Servant of Slaves in Africa, Was, by the rich mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Preserved, restored, pardoned, and appointed to preach the Faith He had long laboured to destroy, Near 16 years at Olney in Bucks; And [28] years in this church.

— John Newton

The Scripture, which . . . teaches us what we are to say, is equally explicit as to the temper and Spirit in which we are to speak. Though I had knowledge of all mysteries, and the tongue of an angel to declare them, I could hope for little acceptance or usefulness, unless I was to speak 'in love.

— John Newton


How can you better embrace the amazing grace of God?

In what ways can you give that grace freely to all people?  

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