Toward a Contemplative Spirituality

A Lenten podcast series that introduces some of the ancient Christian practices of contemplation, and explores the ways in which connecting with the past through these practices can deepen our formation as followers of Jesus.  Hosts Paul Randall, Brent Peery, and Steve Turley.

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Episode 1

A brief overview of Christian spiritual formation, with an introduction specifically to contemplative spirituality - what it is and what is has to offer. 

Episode 2

Examines the role of contemplative spirituality in the past, and focuses on the perennial tension between contemplation and action, between the spirituality of Mary and Martha. How can we grow closer to Jesus while overwhelmed with the busyness of modern life? 

Episode 3

What are some of the practices of contemplative spirituality?  How do you do it?  How might practices like lectio divina, centering prayer, breath prayers, or retreat days create space in our souls for God to speak? 

Episode 4

Clarissa Webb shares her journey of discovering the deep contemplative connections between mind, body, and soul through her practice of yoga.

Episode 5

Ruth Lopez Turley shares a profound and moving mystical experience she had on a personal retreat day, in which she vowed not to move from a physical posture of prayer until her mind was quiet enough to hear God.  The result was explosive and beautiful. 

Episode 6

Steve Turley shares his own journey into contemplative practice - learning to pray as a teen, getting stuck in prayer cliches and formulas, and having a breakthrough upon discovering the ancient and deep theology of the Church's written prayers. 

Episode 7

The "Book Episode." Steve, Brent, and Paul each share excerpts from writers who are further along the journey.