Thanks for your interest in the financial information for Ecclesia Houston. In support of transparency and best practices, we have released our audited and reviewed financial statements for the years of 2014 through 2017. 

The financial statements over these years reflect the growth of a thriving and generous church community with expanded ministry operations making an impact locally in Houston as well as around the world. Across these years, there are several highlights of generosity evidenced through the work of our community. The established trend of faithful giving has expanded our ability to serve—both locally through ministries like our weekly relationship building with brothers and sisters without a home, and globally where every Advent our community continues to extend the gift of clean water to many around the world. There have also been new initiatives formed in times of crisis like the service and support established for fellow Houstonians during Hurricane Harvey and the community's outreach to students and families in HISD facing significant economic burdens.

Several key events were critical in the path of growth for our community and presence in Houston. Our intended expansion to an East Downtown campus in 2014 culminated in a TxDOT buyout. Ultimately those proceeds provided the source of capital to make Ecclesia debt free and fostered new vision, energy and resources for expanding the ministry of Ecclesia into the future. That future became a reality when in 2017, Ecclesia on the West Side was birthed through a generous donation of a church property, and the future expansion to Lindale Park was made possible through the donation of facilities just north of Downtown Houston. God's overwhelming provision of these two beautiful campuses and the capital improvements we are making have and will continue to welcome new neighbors into a story of the radical love of Jesus.

As we continue to grow, we celebrate these gifts with gratitude and a strong commitment to stewardship. As you read the documents below, we ask you to acknowledge the gifts God has provided, and prayerfully consider how you will participate with us. 


For additional finance related questions, please email us here.