Two Sides Of Freedom

Pastor Sean Palmer concludes our Exodus series by asking the important question; once we have freedom, what do we do with it? Will we use our own freedoms to oppress others, or use them to contribute toward the freedom of those still held in all manner of bondage? Will we continue to sing of what God has done? 

Land of Queso and Baklava

Pastor Chris Seay closes our series in the Exodus as we examine how we can miss out on life by hardening our hearts to God. When we allow our lives to become routine, we do not stop to mourn or celebrate and we lose empathy. Our call to action is to rely on God daily, pursue daily adventure, live well, chase our passion and feel the joy & pain of others.

No Whining In The Wilderness

Pastor Chris Seay continues our series in the Exodus; reminding us of the importance of a grateful heart and the danger of an ungrateful one. When we focus on what we don't have and complain about what we do — like the Israelites grumbling over meat and manna — we undermine our faith in God's wisdom and provision. Our call is to receive with a joyful spirit; reminded that God knows, better than we do, what it is we need. 

Exceedingly Good

Pastor Sean Palmer returned to our ongoing series in the Exodus. He invites us to consider the excuses we make and the ways we settle for just "good enough", when God is calling us to more; the true promised land that can only be entered when we're willing to commit through the inevitable hardships along the way. 

Easter Sunday: Our Silent Sisters

Pastor Chris Seay offers an Easter message from Magdala on the Sea of Galilee about the vital roles of women in the Resurrection narrative. What do the experiences of Mary the Mother, Salome, and Mary Magdalene have to teach us about strength in trauma, the support offered by women in our own lives, and our call to pass on our stories of faith? We're also joined by writer/speaker Amena Brown, who shares a story of an important woman in her life, and the profound gift of her spoken word poetry.