Pastor Josh Hilburn invited us to consider our lives as united with that of Jesus, and to ask ourselves where we have sought meaning elsewhere. As we focus not on pleasure or power, but on relationships, spiritual health, and participation in God's mission of reconciliation, we discover our true purpose and impact in the world. 

Advent Conspiracy: Love All

Pastor Chris brought us his message this week from Peru, introducing us to a community that has seen death and disease due to contaminated water, and the blessed transformation that has come from our opportunity to participate in God's work to provide a clean water source and a renewal of hope. Through work in this community, and in so many around the world over the past ten years, we're reminded constantly that we are one global family under the reign of Christ, called to love all in Jesus' name. 

Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less & Give More

Pastor Chris first asked the children of our community who should receive the best gifts on Christmas, and then called us each to consider why and how we give gifts in this beautiful season. As a people who have received God's greatest gift, how will we respond in great thoughtfulness and love to those in our own lives, while worshipfully extending our greatest gifts to Jesus?