Two Are Better Than One

Pastor Chris taught from Lusaka, Zambia; calling our community to consider how we gather together resources and offer our unique giftedness to engage the work of the Gospel, impacting families and communities in ways that are far beyond what any one of us can do alone. He also offered an important update on an exciting new development for the future of our Ecclesia family.

Shaming Shame

Dr. Dan Allender joined us to further engage the discussion of shame that Pastor Chris Seay began last week. Considering our experiences of shame, and our tendency toward hiding, blame, and contempt, Dan offered a beautiful and vital reminder of Christ's victory over any curse or accusation that would attempt to claim power over us. 

Free: "I'm Shameless"

Pastor Chris finished our series on sin, judgement, and forgiveness, and the lasting freedom and peace found only in Christ. As we are honest about our brokenness, we begin to see ourselves as God sees us, as his beloved. Freed from shame, our identities are no longer defined by our failures, but by the eternal love of the Savior that paid our debt, inviting us to new life.

Dig Deeper

Pastor Chris Seay offers an update on the work that God is doing in Nicaragua, and throughout Latin America; how we’ve been called to be involved through our partnership with Living Water International, the fruit that is already being borne, and our invitation to other communities of faith to join us in this vital mission. 

The Anointed Ones

Pastor Josh Hilburn opens the scripture in Acts to explore Jesus' "sending" of his followers; a people chosen and called to continue his ministry. The Resurrection means that we as the Church, the ecclesia, the "called out ones", are no longer spectators or guests, but instead hosts of the continuing celebration, performing signs and wonders in community, pointing toward Heaven, and orienting our whole lives toward participation with God's renewing work in our world.

Easter Sunday: Because He Lives

As we gathered in the heart of downtown Houston to celebrate Jesus’ glorious Resurrection, Pastor Chris taught through the disciples’ story in John 20. Because the tomb is empty, because we are witnesses to His glory, because He lives, we are invited into new life in Christ, led no longer by fear, but by faith. We thank you all for being a part of this great celebration!