The World Was Not Worthy Of Them

Pastor Chris entered the scripture in Hebrews, introducing the central thought that will guide us into the fall. How are we, as followers of Christ, called to live lives of courageous, magnetic, truly sacrificial faith, and to be a people willing to meet potential hardship and suffering with joy and obedience for the sake of the kingdom. We also celebrated over twenty-five baptisms of community members. 

In The Moment

Our guest teacher, Pastor Jason Shepperd, walked through the feeding of the four-thousand in the Gospel of Mark, offering a message on the gathering together of our giftedness and resources, and how we might be more attuned with our call to respond without hesitation and with radical compassion when we see a place of need.

Abre Los Ojos

Our friend, Pastor Marcelo Robles, visited us from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and taught on our call to open our eyes; to see the brokenness and need around us as an invitation to ever greater presence and service as a people filled with the richness of Christ.


Luke 4: 16-28


Before The Throne Of God Above

Rock Of Ages

Beautiful Scandalous Night

I Surrender All

Sing To Jesus

Even My Darkness


Hudson Adams Memorial Service

This week, a young brother in our community was taken from us far too soon. Hudson Adams, 19,  was serving as a camp counselor when he contracted a rare amoeba that attacked his brain in sudden and aggressive fashion. We stand beside the Adams family in devastation over his loss, and were grateful for the opportunity to host an overwhelming outpouring of love in his memory and for those he has left behind. His joyful, humble, selfless spirit will be deeply missed by the countless lives he has touched.

Practice Resurrection

Guest teacher Gideon Tsang continued his conversation from last weekend on resurrection as a pattern lived out in imitation and participation. Especially following a dark week; a week of loss, fear and anger, how are we called in Christ not simply to receive, but to participate in God's work of resurrection and renewal? 

Pattern of Christ

Our guest teacher Gideon Tsang considered the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, and the imitation to which we've been called. As we surrender to God's image within us, we can begin to see and embrace our beauty, and live as mirrors to reflect the light of Christ into the world.