Hudson Adams Memorial Service

This week, a young brother in our community was taken from us far too soon. Hudson Adams, 19,  was serving as a camp counselor when he contracted a rare amoeba that attacked his brain in sudden and aggressive fashion. We stand beside the Adams family in devastation over his loss, and were grateful for the opportunity to host an overwhelming outpouring of love in his memory and for those he has left behind. His joyful, humble, selfless spirit will be deeply missed by the countless lives he has touched.

Practice Resurrection

Guest teacher Gideon Tsang continued his conversation from last weekend on resurrection as a pattern lived out in imitation and participation. Especially following a dark week; a week of loss, fear and anger, how are we called in Christ not simply to receive, but to participate in God's work of resurrection and renewal? 

Pattern of Christ

Our guest teacher Gideon Tsang considered the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, and the imitation to which we've been called. As we surrender to God's image within us, we can begin to see and embrace our beauty, and live as mirrors to reflect the light of Christ into the world. 

The Power of Presence

Pastor Josh Hilburn made a call for us to reconsider the ways we attempt to be saviors and problem solvers, and instead, to simply embrace our role as servants of all. As we serve in humility, as we continue to show up in presence, reminding the hurting and marginalized that we won't abandon them, we're reminded of the God who tells us without fail; "I'm here."

Hymns: All Creatures

Pastor Chris invites us to consider the whole of God's creation, singing out in praise; that in all that we eat and drink, and as we experience the wonders of the world and creatures he made, we would be ever reminded of his divine and majestic artistry and continually submit to him in awe and gratitude, caring well for the gifts with which he's entrusted us. 

Hymns: Just As I Am

Pastor Chris returned to our series exploring the backgrounds of classic hymns, offering the story behind "Just As I Am" by Charlotte Elliott. As we humbly submit the fullness of our lives before God, just as we are, we're reminded that God's heart is for all people, that no one is left out, and that He has made us to carry out the work of Christ in the midst of our brokenness. 


Our guest teacher, Paul Unsworth from Kahaila in London, invited us to consider our preparation to enter the promised land as a people consecrated before God. As we ask God in faith for the extraordinary that only he can orchestrate, and as we learn to reach out in humility to invite the help of unbelievers, we begin to see the greater fullness of his story at work in his people, and all around us.