Pastor Sean Palmer continues our series considering the Celtic way of evangelism; entering into an important chapter in the life of the early church. Just as the Jews and Gentiles of the time had to learn how to live and worship together, we continue to navigate our own differences, and the expectations and burdens we wrongly place on others seeking a relationship with Jesus.

The Beauty Of The Ordinary

Teaching Pastor Sean Palmer continues our series on the Celtic Way of Evangelism. More than attempting to “convert” someone into a specific belief or way of thinking, it is when we commit to simple rhythms of invitation, vulnerability, fellowship, and sincere conversation that relationships are deepened and lives are changed.

Soul Friend

This week, Pastor Mitzi Mak continues our series on The Celtic Way of Evangelism. She explores the Celtic concept of a “soul friend” and shares from her own life how powerful it is to create a space where people know they are loved, and that they belong before they ever believe the same things we do on their journey towards faith.


Pastor Chris Seay introduces a new series on the Celtic Way of Evangelism. Through the story of St. Patrick, we are offered a glimpse of the kind of transformation and sharing of faith to which we are also called. As we meet others authentically and compassionately in the midst of their own stories and contexts, the presence of God will be revealed, and a new or renewed relationship with Jesus will be made possible.

Open Hands, Everywhere

Pastor Chris Seay shares a message from Mexico City on our call to engagement as a church in many ways; locally, globally, and historically. Following Jesus will always lead us into places that others might deem “unsanitary”, but are where the Gospel thrives. Pastor Stephen Brown follows with an invitation into particular ways to serve alongside partners both in CDMX, and here at home in Houston.