Open Hands, Everywhere

Pastor Chris Seay shares a message from Mexico City on our call to engagement as a church in many ways; locally, globally, and historically. Following Jesus will always lead us into places that others might deem “unsanitary”, but are where the Gospel thrives. Pastor Stephen Brown follows with an invitation into particular ways to serve alongside partners both in CDMX, and here at home in Houston.

Easter Sunday: No Judgment Here

Pastor Chris Seay leads us from beside the Sea of Galilee to teach of a loving encounter the disciples experience with Jesus following the Resurrection; and then here at home to consider the Easter invitation that liberates us from shame and judgement, urging us toward lives shaped fully by God’s love. We’re also joined by our good friend, Propaganda, who shares his gift as we celebrate. Ecclesia, we love you. He is risen!

You Can't Take It With You

Pastor Chris Seay teaches from the Gospel of Luke; considering Jesus’ call for us to rid our lives of greed and anxiety and to be ready to respond at all times. He shares heartbreaking stories from the ground along the Venezuelan border, and shares the opportunity that we have to partner with efforts to address vital needs surrounding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Lent: Stillness

Lent: Stillness

Join us as we continue engaging in rhythms of worship, prayer, and contemplation throughout this journey of Lent. As we begin to see Easter on the horizon, we consider the stillness of the desert, and are reminded that God’s love and provision is never dependent on our striving and activity. We are loved, you are loved, just as you are.